About Manowce Kultury Foundation

The Manowce Kultury Foundation (Backroads of Culture Foundation) operates across a number of fields, including visual and performative arts, literature, social issues and urban cultures. Our main aim is to support the promotion of the artists, the development of contemporary culture. Since 2014, we have been initiating interdisciplinary, local and international projects.

Our mandate is to promote a wide range of emerging and established artists, support the development of art and culture on the outskirts, backroads of mainstream art production. It seeks artists and artistic projects that are being born on so-called margins, peripheries and touch or reflect on the neglected areas of contemporary societies. It supports independent artistic activities and experiments undertaken on the borders of various fields of art (performance, theater, circus, dance, street art, music, visual arts, literature) having an intersectional character. It initiates and encourages interdisciplinary cooperation between the scientific and artistic circles.

Simultaneously by undertaken actions it wants to openly discuss the understanding of notions of province and provinciality. Foundation is promoting and conducting activities for and organized by socially discriminated groups in the private and public sphere, on the basis of i.a : descent, gender, social status, sexual orientation, state of health, level of abilities, place of residence, type of performed work or activity as well as other reasons. Manowce Kultury organizes and supports cultural activities on sociocultural and geographical “borders”. It is engaged in democratic processes, grassroots initiatives and the development of a civil society based on diversity.

Foundation carries out activities supporting both local community development and international cooperation. The Foundation pursues its objectives through:

– running online art magazine PROwincja, publishing and distributing books, newspapers, folders, brochures, comics, magazines and zines,

– organizing artistic and cultural projects,

– conducting interdisciplinary researches,

– organizing the festivals, exhibitions, scientific sessions, seminars, events, workshops, performances, concerts, etc.,

–  conducting artistic, educational trainings and workshops,

– cooperation with individuals, informal groups, publishers, cultural and educational institutions and organisations of a social, governmental and non-governmental character, both at the national and international levels.

Projects and partnerships

Do you have an idea for a project? Would you like us to partner with you on a project you’re developing?

Please send us a brief message at: fundacja(@)manowcekultury.com

Patronage and sponsorship

  • Would you like to support our cultural/social/editorial work?
  • Or maybe, you would like to publish your e-book/article in PROwinja magazine?
  • Write to us! redakcja(@)prowincja.art.pl or fundacja(@)manowcekultury.com

Volunteering / internships

  • If you are interested to work at Manowce Kultury Foundation, PROwincja magazine, please email us, writing “Internship” in the subject line of your message.