Jagoda Cierniak – artist manager, editor and cultural project coordinator.

Member of Mots – street art duo focused on painting murals, illustrations, canvas. Manowce Kultury Foundation and PROwincja art-social magazine co-founder. Graduated in Cultural Studies at Jagiellonian University. Experienced in writing for notable newspapers and media companies in Poland. Coordinator of cultural projects for NGO’s and independent initiatives across Europe. Passionate about photography. She lives in Poland and in Portugal at the same time.

Sabina Drąg – is a performer and researcher in the area of circus, pantomime, physical theater, biomechanics and visual arts. She has cooperated with several circus, theater and cultural projects/ institutions across Europe. Graduated social anthropologist and contemporary culture theorist. She is currently based in Berlin where she works as a circus pedagogue and conducts her researches on circus biographies from the 19th century. She works as a project manager initiating cultural exchanges and interdisciplinary artistic projects mostly trilateral between Poland, Germany and other countries (France, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia). She organizes cultural events, workshops and festivals such as Aerial Arts Festival Berlin.   Manowce Kultury Foundation co-founder.

Zuzanna Majer – editor, proofreader, animator and illustrator. She organizes cultural events, concerts and publishing projects. Based in Portugal. Editor of the PROwincja magazine.